The MOMIT project aims at developing and demonstrating a new use of remote sensing technologies for railway infrastructures monitoring. MOMIT solutions will mainly aim at supporting the maintenance and prevention processes within the infrastructure management lifecycle.

The overall concept underpinning MOMIT project is the demonstration of the benefits brought by Earth Observation and Remote Sensing to the monitoring of railways networks both in terms of the infrastructure and of the surrounding environment, where activities and phenomena impacting the infrastructure could be present.

MOMIT will leverage on state of the art technologies in the fields of ICT and space-based remote sensing and RPAS-based to perform different kind of analysis thanks to the wide variety of sensors they could be equipped with.

Events like the train derailment near Barcelona in November 20, 2018 (see this news), highlight the importance of the research performed in MOMIT Project on the definition of methodologies and tools to prevent landslides and other hazards.

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