Other Publications

Number Publication Issue Date Leading Partner Download File
16 Global Supervision for Natural Hazards and Safety Monitoring brochure e-GEOS
15 Hydraulic Activities Nearby the Tracks brochure e-GEOS
14 Ground Movements Nearby the Infrastructures brochure e-GEOS, UA, CTTC
13 D4.6 Electrical System Monitoring brochure TERABEE
12 D4.7 Civil Engineering Structures Monitoring brochure e-GEOS, Terabee, UA
11 THEXfinder - A tool to automate the detection of ADAs produced by expansivity or thermal phenomena CTTC
10 Kinematic Analysis Tool (KAT) UA
09 Kinematic Analysis Tool (KAT) UA
08 The MOMIT Project for an Integration of Remote Sensing Technologies into Railway Infrastructure Monitoring System e-GEOS
07 Quick guide for damage identification UA
06 SW data processing components test report CTTC
05 SW data processing components test plan CTTC
04 LOS2HV - Compute horizontal & vertical components of movement CTTC
03 Automatic classification of Active Deformation Areas UA
02 ADAFinder - A tool to automate the detection of Active Deformation Areas CTTC
01 ADAClassifier - Classify ADAs automatically CTTC