MOMIT Project results will strongly impact on the railway infrastructure maintenance process boosting the use of remote sensing data and unmanned technologies to generate new effective solutions in terms of products (value added information) and processes (operational workflows). MOMIT will also analyse the main technological and regulation barriers that have been separating the remote sensing community from the operational use of Earth Observation data in the field of infrastructure management, developing new easy-to-adopt solutions (e.g. the use of standard parameters to identify potential findings) supporting the decision making and maintenance process of the infrastructure management.

In particular, the expected Impacts set out in the work programme are:

  1. Improvement of railway reliability and capacity thanks to a more effective maintenance management supported by the here developed monitoring solutions.
  2. Improvement of the railway maintenance by the development of a highly integrated automatic system.

  3. Life Cycle Cost reduction (lower physical complexity of systems, increased reliability and the like).

  4. Provide user community with tools including best-practices.

  5. Fostering standard regulations on RPAS.

  6. Enlarge the use of Copernicus data.

  7. Boost the Copernicus downstream economy.